I’m her child too.

I guess separation shows its impact in different ways. A year of not seeing my family has brought forth so many obstacles. I will admit, that my father and I have always had a very tight relationship, and if anything, this time apart has brought us closer. However, my sister and mother are a whole different case.

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An Ironic Cycle I

It bothers me how a large number of people are unconscious of the effects their demonstration of favouritism has on others. I realize that it’s simply natural human behaviour, but why make it obvious to them and to others? On one side, you would be feeding the ego of the individual you have been keeping your eye on, and on the other, the rest of the people who look to you with respect and who follow your leadership are left with feelings of unimportance and dismissal. It’s an ironic result that goes by unnoticed by the very person who starts it all.

Hang tight, tuition is back on the rise


I’m having a hard time trying to understand how the combined tuition of 42,500 students only adds up to approximately 35% of the annual revenue. That aside, having the country’s highest tuition and living right next to Quebec (or in my case, in Quebec) is seriously discouraging. I understand that our funds go to important areas such as research, our programs (more than 200 undergrad alone, I believe) and scholarships/bursaries/financial aid, but there has to be some way to make it all work without leaving us dry.

Also, having read this, I can’t help but wonder if the perks are the same for uOttawa personnel (keep in mind this article was posted in 2008).



20 Books Every Woman Should Read

A list by Emily Temple

With my hand constantly reaching for my phone and those new trend books that are always hot off the press, I’ve been having a hard time plucking up the courage to turn the page of a good quality read (there’s also the fact that I’m moving and my own books are all carefully packed away, but that’s besides the point). Continue reading