About the Blog

If I could record everything I have ever said, there’s bound to be at least something relatively enlightening or even ingenious. Maybe a quirky comment on the latest gossip or an insightful observation about a political debate, not all words can be empty, right? Right.

Or can they?

We’re living in a world where “friends” are no longer companions and “relationships” no longer require boundaries. In this age, distance means so little, but the quick phone call requires so much effort. So. What does that have to do with this blog? Absolutely nothing. I’m simply making quick observations that have probably already circulated on every Facebook user’s news feed at least 5 times.

I’m not writing to please others. I don’t care if my opinions don’t correspond with your beliefs. My purpose with this blog is to express.

Express my emotions whether it be a playlist of songs, a written account of a brief encounter or just a picture – I need to share for the benefit of not being the only person to experience what it is I have experienced, because you see,  I came to the realization that I am at my most vulnerable when I am alone.

I choose to use honesty as my weapon and sharing as my strategy. Do with it what you will.

– ilgos


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