Simple chemistry


Navid – The Man on the Bus

This pleasant man boarded the bus as I was heading down to Ottawa today. Despite his obvious difficulty walking, he had a huge smile plastered on his face. Anyways, no one really made a genuine effort to offer him a seat in the priority area so he rolled on over next to me, by the second set of doors (truth be told, I thought he would roll to his death every time the bus turned but he just looked at me and giggled). Navid (that was his name), a single man in his late forties, and myself, an eighteen year old who’s newly discovering the realities of life, somehow found common ground. After graduating more than twenty years ago with a degree in chemistry and trying his hand in the medical and educational fields, he returned to his initial passion and pursued chemistry once again (now in his 4th year at UofO). Throughout our loud and laughter filled conversation, I learned that this man lives with the sole purpose of attaining personal satisfaction. He doesnt feel the burden of society pressuring him to raise a family or settle on a practical career. He likes chemistry, therefore he does chemistry. After shaking his hand as he got off, I realized that our lengthy discussion confirmed my belief that life is too short to waste on the practical and live as though our days were scripted.

I take joy in the impractical and relish the moments that are unpredictable.

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